You will pay a fixed amount of € 750,- exclusive of VAT as deposit at the beginning of the assignment, which shall be matched with the commission fee upon effective acquisition. The commission fee is calculated, depending on the budget, as follows:

  • 2% exclusive of VAT for an asking price from € 0,- to € 250.000,-
  • 1,75% exclusive of VAT for an asking price from € 250.000,- to € 500.000,-
  • 1,5% exclusive of VAT for an asking price above € 500.000,-

This amount is increased by 10% of the difference between the asking price and the ultimate purchase price. 

Example: A property is for sale for € 450.000, -

This falls under the rate of 1,75%, or € 7.875, - 

In case the price is negotiated to, for example, € 430.000, -, you will pay another 10% on the difference of € 20.000, -, namely € 2.000,-

This adds up to a commission of € 9.875€.


If you would need an analysis of a property that you will purchase, or that you have in your possession, working at an hourly rate is also possible. Price available upon request.


*As service, we are subjected to the rate of VAT of 21%.