To Buy

Acquaintance and meeting to discuss the property project. By listening carefully, but also by providing advice in accordance with the present market conditions, we sketch a clear image of your wishes and needs. We take your budget and search period into account.

An agreement will be prepared when you agree with the way of work and professionalism of Antwerp House Hunter. Our cooperation and search starts from this moment.
The assignment starts with searching and prospecting houses from both professional and private sellers. All opportunities, novities, but also “off market” real estate, are visited and analyzed. Interesting residences will be introduced individually and with personal advice. Prominent residences are visited together where we pay attention to both strengths and weaknesses.
You find your ideal and suitable house? Then we discuss together the approach of negotiation and make an appointment on time with the other party. The offer is proposed and endorsed by Antwerp House Hunter.

The provisional conveyance, which we run through and counsel for you, follows upon agreement. Congratulations, you just bought your new and perfect property! Subsequently, the transfer of title is registered in accordance with the deed and you become the official owner. We also advice you at the notary’s office.

You are in need of extra services before moving in? Maybe you look for a mortgage broker, insurance agent, architect, contractor or just a moving company. We can put you in touch with the right persons.